A traditional design developed in 14 stunning fragrances

with bursts of fruit, florals & spices that can be used throughout the year.

Unique in the Benelux!
burning time: 8 hours per pod
Petali - Mini Kit (Verpakt per 6)

Petali - Mini Kit (Verpakt per 6)

Petali - Pods (32 stuks per pack)

Petali - Pods (32 stuks per pack)


How does Petali Work?

Place the pod with the scented wax

facing upwards on the scent warmer.

Light a Price's tealight in the lower opening.

As the wax heats up, the fragrance

will be reeased for a total of 8 hours per pod.

Do not move the warmer while the candle inside is lit!

Wait until the remaining wax has has hardened

before moving the warmer.

Scent Warmer

Ceramic Scent Warmer.

Sturdy and made 

of quality material.

Petali Mini-Kit

4 Petali pods in 4 different 

fragrances & 6 tealights

1 Petali Scent Warmer

Petali Pods

32 pcs (4 of every fragrance)

8 different fragrances

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